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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a technology that has been around for the last 80 years!

The air you breathe normally is only 21% oxygen, the rest is made up of mainly nitrogen and other elements.

The Oxygen inside a HBO chamber is 97% pure oxygen.

When you sit inside a HBO chamber, the chamber is pressurised to a few meters below sea level and is flooded with oxygen.

That’s why traditionally this chamber was designed to help ocean divers recover if they came up to the surface too fast, also known as the Bends.

Since then, HBOT has been used to treat a variety of illnesses and diseases for over 80 years and is endorsed by the world's leading medical research hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital.

More and more medical scientists are finding that the power of oxygen has a potential to support your body through:

  • A rebalanced immune system

  • Increased energy

  • Reduced pain & inflammation

  • Reverse ageing

  • Transformed brain and cognitive function

  • Healing stubborn wounds

As it is backed by science and had over 80 years of research put into it, HBOT one the safest ways to treat chronic injury, illness and disease…

  • Without experimental drugs.

  • Without countless hours wasted in waiting rooms.

  • Without thousands of dollars on specialists who can’t give a straight answer.

All you need to do is to sit back and breathe in 97% pure oxygen.

In a nutshell, HBOT creates an artificial environment of super high oxygen.

This environment allows your body to recover much faster, where, under normal conditions, it would be impossible.

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